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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Xmas Carol Diary

So, Christmas Carol.............

Random flashes of memory snapshots this very busy week:

Rehearsing the "Dancing Fruit" sequence which this year is comprised entirely of young ladies ranging in ages from 6-12.

Having them all, when I snarl "Time to Eat? -- It's time to boil these appalling vegetables till they cry mercy!" look at me in a horrified fashion and then scream in my face. As loudly as they could.

Remember the sensation of my eardrums bleeding and thinking that either my glasses had shattered or my heart had stopped. Possibly both.

Watching Tiny T. when told his Auntie Martha was not coming, and his tragic Marlon Brando-esque response, straight out to the audience. Very funny and true.

Seeing the kids all move up in the show, role-wise. Our last years TT hasn't completely made her piece with the change in status--we were buddies and I've got to make sure she doesn't feel left out.

I've not been part of the Carol Tradition before, not been in it more than one time in a row. My wife has done the Xmas Revels at the Scottish Rites temple in Oakland and the Carol out at Walnut Creek for many years and knows what it's like to watch her "carol family" grow up and marry and have kids.

It's kind of cool.