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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Mucus

I just got an invitation to go see the opening night of ACT's production of A Christmas Carol which I found a bit funny as I'm playing Scrooge in same said production, but what really made me snicker was that it was described as ".....a sparkling, mucis infused celebration of goodwill....." which instantly brought to my mind a visual of dancing, smiling people merrily spewing nasal fluid. But I'm twisted. The sweet soul who sent out that mass email has no doubt been teased unmercifully but retains enough of a sense of humor to laugh at it still.

And truth be told we really are all pretty mucus infused right now. The first half of the whammy to hit us was the stomach crud which caused copious projection, which I have thankfully dodged (And here insert the sound of knocking on wood, if you would.) and the next seems to be the "faucet nose" bug--rolls of toilet paper lay strewn about the rehearsal hall and actors are lathering themselves liberally with antiseptic hand wash. I want to coat my entire body with it--every time I touch one of the kids I disinfect.........hey, I got really sick last year.

It's a good group of kids this year--we've some returns of little ones from last year and all the grad students are new; this will be one of their final flights before they go out and try to make it in the acting world. But they're there and focused and they could easily phone this in if they wanted.

I'd like to note the passing from this world of two people, if you'll indulge me. The first: Gene Angel, the architect of the Berkeley Rep thrust stage and other fine spaces. Gene, you designed one of theatres I've loved the best and worked on the longest. Thank you for that gift.

And Justin Brennan Leath, one of last year's grad students who played Fred in last years Xmas Carol. I knew only briefly; a fine actor a beautiful voice. We're poorer for your absence.


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