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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Note To Ding


I did a play in Portland Oregon in 1992 called M. Butterfly and had the pleasure of performing the role of Marc. We had 3 amazing performers from China in the cast as well: Louyoung Wang, Man Wong, and Ding Mei Kui.

I was writing about this experience recently and wanted to make sure I spelled their names correctly but could not find my old show program, so I did a search on the internet; I found Louyoung but was unable to locate Man Wong.

I found your name as well, listed as producing director of the Qi Shu Fang Company. It seemed a shame to just look up the name and not say hello to one of the performers whose skill, grace and kindness I remember so well. If this is not the same Ding Mei Kui of my memory I offer my apologies for the intrusion, but if it is I'd like to send greetings to you and to your wonderful wife and family from a friend of past times.

Best Regards,

Jim Carpenter


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