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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Last Show

This is it--one more show till we close this fine production, and one more paycheck before a 2 month stint of unemployment. Time to say goodbye, tighten our belts and to hope that my film agent calls me for an audition, and to hope that I book the gig.

Some of us will go on to or back to school, some are in the next production and have had their contracts extended to cover that period, some will go on to teaching jobs, some to temp jobs, some of us have nothing in the immediate future.

This is not to say I'm without work--I've booked a rather insane schedule for myself later in the year; doing Gloucester (pronounced GLOSS-ter) in King Lear later in the season at Cal Shakes, then when it opens I'll begin rehearsals for Mousetrap at Center Rep in Walnut Creek (Timmy Near, the Artistic Director of San Jose Rep will be directing with an All Star Bay Area cast) and when that opens I'll start rehearsals for A Christmas Carol at American Conservatory Theatre reprising the role of Scrooge. So I'll be rehearsing during the day and performing at night which is extremely fatiguing -- I'll have to take good care of myself.

Also "The Creature" will return! -- a live reading of an adaptation of Frankenstein, and later podcast in 5 or so segments--I'll jam it into my schedule in late October. I've some prospects in 2008 which are promising but I've not signed any contracts, so I won't talk of them--one of my few superstitions. I don't want to jinx it.

I will say my goodbyes here; they are sadly insufficient and do not express well my admiration and care for the cast, crew and Reg Rogers excellent performance. I know I will work with many of you again and take joy in that; some I may not work with again but I will meet someone who knows you and we'll talk of you. The world of Theatre is a small one.

I'll continue to blog and babble to the ether, answer questions asked (I've a passle of them from a young man which cover a lot of territory) and blog for King Lear as well.

Thanks for coming to the show, for supporting the Arts, and for being curious

Regards to all

James Carpenter


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