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What had started as a blog of Richard III rehearsal process at Cal Shakes has now evolved or devolved into a small novella. The author is petrified to change the name for fear it'll disappear, and wouldn't know what to call it anyway. Many stories are included and questions are even answered sometimes!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Opening Night

Here we go--

The Greenroom is stuffed with flowers candy and cards, the opening lines have just been spoken, I've got my crown and gown on, done my warm-ups, and now wait for my first scene, listen to the show, the audience, and try not to get edgy .................

It's crisp, cold, and we're ready. I try to treat it like any other night--sometimes I succeed, sometimes not. Focus, breathe and jump.

You are all wonderful.

Come and see this production!


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