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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ye Gods!

What a night last night!

Our first Preview performance and the weather was at it's worst--only one other time I can remember as bad--when the wind was blowing so hard it picked up two huge area rugs that had been sewn together and flung them the entire length of the stage. Last night wasn't as windy although we had some actors who had curtains blown over their heads which wouldn't have been so bad had the bottoms of the curtains been weighted down with chains.......why? To keep them in place during windy nights, you silly! Almost lost a few cast members to chain strangulation.

I can't believe the audiences! They stay. They stay when I'd have packed my bags and had my picnic on my porch--these people are hardcore theatre goers. And you do it for them--you do it for these crazy suckers who steadfastly refuse to leave no matter how nasty it is. If they can we can. I'm just grateful we don't live in Hurricane Alley--visions of a class 5 tornado bearing down on a theatre full of people like these haunt my dreams...........

And the amazing, the astounding thing was that as soon as we finished the show, as soon as the last line was spoken and the last bow taken the wind stopped. Utterly, completely calm.

And Dan Hiatt stepped out to give his curtain speech........................Not a whisper of wind.
I hate Dan. He has perfect hair.
And he can control the weather.


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