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Monday, May 7, 2007


Well I've pulled another "Carpenter'. I was so concerned about getting my blog up and running I forgot my other duties..................

I got my first posting out and, swollen with my eventual success on the computer front, left the house with my wife, humming merrily to myself. We decided to visit the dirt store--American Soil Products more specifically, which has specialty soil for gardens etc. and a huge stock of many different kinds of rock.

I really like rocks. I went thru a minor minerology craze when I was younger and was fascinated with gems, crystals, geodes, fossils and the like and still appreciate them today so we spent a nice chunk of time there wandering about the piles of stone on the lovely, hot day that yesterday was--we found a couple of unusual flagstones we wanted to use for one small spot in our patio, got our designer dirt and headed to an Asian market to get some of that dragon eye tea that I've become inexplicably fond of. We found a spot to park, got 1/2 across the lot---and I froze--I hadn't called the Hotline to see if I was called for rehearsal...........

Panic mode. I ripped my wife's cell out of her hands and called the hotline --"The Call for Sunday the 6th is as follows: Mrs. Brindre and Frnendersec are called at gobbledey o'clock, Ms. Anklfldt and Mr. Vltzptutskin called at wvtzto'clock and MR.CARPENTERISCALLEDAT2:30..........................".

O.M.G. ...............the current time was roughly 3:10.
I called the stage manager, Les Reinheart (I'm so sorry Les) and asked if I should come in. She said no.

This is so not cool. This has been dunned into my skull from college on--you NEVER come late. I was late for a rehearsal in Ashland once and the director made me apologize to every person in the room and from that point on I've been pretty anal about being on time. So here goes:

Mark I'm sorry for missing rehearsal, Reg I'm sorry for missing rehearsal, Fonta I'm sorry for missing rehearsal, Laura I'm sorry for missing rehearsal, Amy I'm so sorry for missing rehearsal, Catherine I'm sorry for missing rehearsal, Blake I'm REALLY sorry for missing rehearsal, Dan you have my deepest regrets and eternal sorrow for my missing rehearsal, Lorri I don't think you were even there but I'm sorry anyway, Andrew bite me, Susanna I suck, Max OK already. I'm sorry--oy!, Sharon I'm sorry spank me, Brad.....yeah I guess I'm sorry, Liam, Eddie et tu?--, Raife yeah you too, Thomas I'm sorry would you like my role?, Kevin I don't even know you yet but I'm sorry anyway, Elvy--she's non-Equity, do I have to apologize to her TOO? I'm sorry my dear. To those I've omitted to mention I send a general "I am a bad, bad actor and I apologize."

And I really mean that.

Took Monday off.


Blogger Dr.Laura said...

I officially forgive you as the DGD of this show, since I did not have to be there that day, anway.
P.S.: You really missed rehearsal to play with rocks? That's hysterical.

May 11, 2007 at 9:19 PM  
Blogger James Carpenter said...

Yes, I played with rocks. And it's really only hysterical if you're not me. But I'm sure in years to come I will slap my thigh over this memory.

May 12, 2007 at 11:49 AM  

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