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Friday, May 9, 2008


The first day of rehearsal and the bastards have already stabbed me in the back.

I had a 9:45 fitting (woof) for my costume on Monday which turned out to be very brief--it's a period costume and resembles a big puffy sleeved sack. With a cap. And tights. Tights. Haven't worn them in a while.

I then plowed back thru the crowd to ACT's main office and rehearsal hall where the Equity cast meeting was already going on--this is when the Equity actors vote on the span of day, with either an 8 hr. rehearsal and a minimum 1 hr. break, or a straight 6 hr. with a 20 minute break in the middle. All "management" types, (the Director and others) and non Equity actors must leave the room, the ballots are cast and then the Equity Deputy is elected.

Now being the Deputy for a show is an honor but can be a curse as well depending on the organization you're working for, the cast temperament, and your working conditions. They deal with a variety of issues, safety ranking high on the list.

So while walking back to the offices after my fitting I was thinking "Gee, I haven't volunteered to be Deputy in awhile--I should do that." only to walk into the rehearsal room where the Equity session was in progress and get handed a packet of deputy materials.......

They'd elected me in absentia. Bastards.

And of course the evil Jack Willis was at the heart of it. Jack, Black Jack had nominated me, Judd Williford most likely seconded, and the rest filled in with heartfelt glee.

It's clear that we're dealing with professional actors--seasoned veterans who know how to toss a potato, and though I take the title of Deputy Jim on with equanimity, calm and poise I have to say that in the spirit of the play,

I'll be Revenged.


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